Income tax and GST filing online services offered by us

“Light-on-pocket” fees for return filing :

  1. Income tax filing online –
  • Salaried – ₹249 (Salary should be the only  income)
  • Non-salaried :
    • Individual – ₹499
    • Business – ₹749
    • All others (Firms, AoPs, BoIs, Societies etc.) – ₹999

  1. GST return filing services
    • GST filing services :
      • Regular business type – ₹4,199 annually (₹349.92 per month per return)
      • Composition (Lumpsum) business type – ₹1,499 annually (374.75 per quarter per return)

Benefits & Necessities of filing your Income Tax Return (To include a few) :

  • To Avoid Notices from Department.
  • Documentation (Proofing) of your Financial Status/Stability.
  • To Carry Forward various losses incurred, to succeeding years.
  • To claim back T.D.S./T.C.S. Refund.
  • For smooth processing of Visa.
  • For various Loan application processes.

Optimum task steps for quick conclusion:

  1. Income & eligible investments (LIC, NSC, KVP etc.) documentation forwarded by you to us.
  2. Draft form forwarded by us to you.
  3. Review & return filing approved by you.
  4. Final return submitted by us & intimated to you.
  5. Fees paid by you through safe online transfer mode.

That’s all !

Whole above process in just 15-20 minutes! No travelling to an income tax tds return filing professional’s office, no time consuming verbal discussions, no cumbersome paper work & no unnecessary energy  wastage !

All you need to do is, just communicate casually with us, without interrupting your important daily tasks/job & get your income tax tds filing matters resolved by our tax experts and save your maximum time & money.